A Dead Man’s switch for your network

Ransomware protection from Airgap Networks

Trains and factory manufacturing equipment are often equipped with the wonderfully named ‘Dead-man’s switch’, a design feature or practice that in the event of a specific type of failure, can stop a machine from a potentially dangerous action as a result of accident, malfunction, or misuse. This does not mean that failure is impossible or improbable, but rather that the system’s design prevents or mitigates unsafe consequences in the event of failure.

Airgap Network’s Ransomware Kill Switch (RKS) is designed to mitigate the impact of Ransomware on a network. As soon as it is detected. The “1-Click” shut off for all network access connected devices happens instantaneously.

Airgap’s patent pending solution is the industry’s only solution that instantly locks down the entire network with a single click. Airgap’s RKS can be deployed on the network in minutes without any agents, forklift upgrades, or design changes.

Not unlike the dead man’s switch, Airgap’s RKS stops normal operation of the network instantly, all lateral traffic is paused. It is important to note that North-South activity, where users access applications such as email, Office 365, SFDC etc. will not be impacted.

What are the downsides for the end user when RKS is activated ? Of course, there will be some side effects for users, printing and videoconferencing will stop working temporarily. Users will be unable to backup systems as endpoints will be unable to communicate with storage systems like Windows File Share (WFS) and transactions will be interrupted.

Crucially though, Airgap’s RKS stops ransomware in its tracks, no lateral propagation and zero access to storage systems, and mission critical services such as ERP, and backup systems.

The incident response team can now get to work and investigate, secure in the knowledge that the infected device or devices are totally isolated. Once the Ransomware attack is sourced and eliminated the “1-click” can be used in reverse to instantly normalize the network.

In my next Blog/Vlog we will delve into the technical detail and provide use case examples on how Airgap Networks has helped our customers deploy and manage the industry’s only instant mechanism to mitigate Ransomware.

The Airgap Network’s team is excited to demonstrate and/or provide trial account access to our software. Please don’t hesitate to contact Airgap, our team is standing by to set-up a mutually convenient time to discuss your network needs.

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