Airgap Networks
Airgap Networks

Security experts know that network segmentation is the best defense against evolving cyber threats. However, available segmentation solutions either require agents to be installed everywhere or upgrade networking hardware with proprietary implementations. Airgap is the only vendor that offers agentless network segmentation and autonomous policy controls through a patented and innovative approach that enables isolation at every layer and down to every device. All this means malware is immediately blocked from traversing the network, even within the same VLAN or same subnet - unique protection not offered by any other solution.

Additionally, a typical organization takes hours or days to detect and respond to ransomware attacks and often resorts to a draconian approach of shutting down the entire network during a cyber event resulting in operational impact. Therefore, Airgap built a specialized ransomware kill switch that surgically stops ransomware propagation without operational impact.

Finally, enterprises often enable direct access to high-value assets over vulnerable protocols such as Windows RDP. Airgap’s identity-based access control provides strong Zero-Trust safeguards as the layer of protection to secure high-value assets against cyber threats.

Airgap’s patented solution is custom designed to reduce the enterprise attack surface and protect high-value assets in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Retail, and Critical Infrastructure verticals where a compromise of the core operational system can disrupt mission-critical processes. Airgap Security Platform is the easiest to implement and manage and it is currently deployed across many large multinational customers.

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