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4 min readMay 7, 2021
Stop Lateral Malware Movement in Real Time

Ransomware will continue to be the number one threat for companies in 2021. Zero Trust will be one of the only ways to truly mitigate the rash of attacks and hasten response time. Last year, CrowdStrike determined that the average breakout time of a cyber breach was 1 hour and 58 minutes. The Airgap Zero Trust Isolation platform surgically eliminates unauthorized communication and thwarts lateral propagation immediately with the Ransomware Kill Switch™.

In an industry where 76% of organizations say that threat detection and response is more difficult today than even just two years ago, and 74% of cybersecurity professionals believe that the ongoing global cybersecurity skills shortage will continue to impact them, it is more important than ever to have an agentless platform that provides these protections on all devices (managed or unmanaged), regardless of whether they are on corporate or public networks.

Why Airgap?

  • Business-transparent and real-time emergency lockdown switch in the event of a ransomware attack
  • No agents required, minimizing bloat on endpoints
  • No forklift upgrades, APIs, or design changes allowing a seamless integration to existing security infrastructure
Agentless Zero Trust Isolation.

Over 15 sessions at this year’s RSA Conference will be around Zero Trust, you will not want to miss out on a demo of the industry’s first automated Ransomware Kill Switch™. Please contact us or request a meeting at #RSAC to speak with Ritesh Agrawal, our CEO to learn more about this incredible innovation that will revolutionize the way companies protect their devices and applications in a Zero Trust environment.

You are competing with the speed of Ransomware

Got Ransomware Kill Switch?

Ransomware can be stopped. The longer it takes to respond to an Ransomware incident, the more severe the business impact will be. Ransomware defense can be automated. Demo Request

#IAmZeroTrust CISO Live at #RSAC 2021

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Announcing Industry’s First Ransomware Vulnerability Scanner

Finally, a network scanner focuses on Ransomware activities and behaviors. Do you know what attackers can access your network? Try it out!

See you at #RSAC 2021!

About Airgap

Ransomware threat is growing rapidly. While there are a whole bunch of security companies that are trying to prevent ransomware from getting into your network, Airgap’s “Zero Trust Isolation Platform” protects your organization even if your perimeter is breached or if you have unpatched vulnerable servers inside your data center. Additionally, Airgap’s “Ransomware Kill Switch” is the most potent ransomware response for the IT organization. Airgap can be deployed in minutes without any agents, forklift upgrades, or design changes. The company is founded by highly experienced cybersecurity experts and the solution is trusted by large enterprises and service providers. For more details, check out

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Airgap Networks

Zero Trust Isolation — The Best Defense Against Ransomware Propagation.