Airgap’s Pledge: Free Access to Enterprise-Class Ransomware Kill Switch for Education


Complimentary Cutting-Edge Enterprise-Grade Zero-Trust Isolation Technology to Instantly Stop Ransomware Propagation is Now Available Across the U.S.

The recent spate of headlines regarding ransomware attacks K-12 schools and higher learning institutes school is a major concern.

Ransomware computer attack disables California school district’s system — San Jose Mercury News

Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch for K-12

Airgap Networks is pleased to offers K-12 and Higher learning institutes $1 Access to their unique Enterprise-Grade Ransomware Defense Software.

From The New York Times:
First Pandemic, Now Ransomware: Attack Forces Hartford to Postpone School
Officials were not sure when the Connecticut city’s 18,000 public school students would be able to return to class.

Agentless Zero Trust Isolation to Stop Ransomware Propagation for U.S. Schools

Introducing Ransomware Kill Switch

Based on popular demand from our customers, Airgap Networks realized that a Ransomware Kill Switch in the organization may come handy when your infrastructure is under the ransomware attack.

What does Ransomware Kill Switch (RKS) protect?

  • By blocking lateral propagation of the ransomware, the RKS protect all devices inside your organization
  • By blocking access to windows file-share, Active Directory, storage, and backup services, RKS ensures your key resources are protected when you are under attack
  • By blocking access from your servers to mission-critical services such as ERP, CRM, etc., the RKS ensures that your employee and customer’s data is protected

Schools who sign up between Oct 8 and Oct 31 will have access to Ransomware Kill Switch until June 30, 2021.

To sign up for quick installation, visit Airgap Ransomware Kill Switch for Education program page for detailed terms and logo usage requirement at



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