How Airgap Zero Trust Confines Ransomware to a Single Device

by Neil C Hughes |

Ritesh Agrawal, CEO, Airgap, joins me on Tech Talks Daily and shares Airgap’s core capabilities, the roadmap, and their vision. I learn more about how Airgap’s Zero Trust Isolation Platform offers defense against cyber-threat propagation. Airgap’s patent-pending agentless solution works for any user and any device accessing business assets from any location and it can be installed in a few minutes without any forklift upgrades.

Traditional security controls allow excessive trust between corporate assets. Devices on shared networks (VLANs) can freely communicate and static firewall / VPN policies grant network access to the application stack. This means, once the threat has landed inside your network, it is free to expand across devices and applications. We all know what happens next!

The world order has changed overnight. The IT organization is under more pressure and scrutiny than ever before. In addition to ensuring security, there is a strong argument in favor of modernizing enterprise infrastructure. Trusted by leading managed service providers, Airgap’s patent-pending enterprise-grade Agentless Zero Trust Isolation platform addresses some of the fundamental security and networking challenges faced by the IT organizations.

Threat lands and expands to other devices as well as your business applications. Airgap ensures protection for your enterprise by confining the threat to a single device. I learn more about how Zero Trust Isolation can be deployed in minutes not months without agents, APIs, design changes, or forklift upgrades.

Originally published at on October 12, 2020.

Zero Trust Isolation — The Best Defense Against Ransomware Propagation.