Reinventing Security for Corporate Networks with Universal ZTNA

  • It authenticates devices for network access.
  • It provides support for passive authentication on agentless devices.
  • It enables agentless device fingerprinting to determine the probable type.
  • It allows for agentless devices to be segmented.
  • Identification of network traffic based on L2–4 (transport) information
  • Reducing the attack surface via enforcing lateral network traffic control policies
  • ZTNA for hybrid workers — The Airgap solution extends the ZTNA management plane and security policy to workers located in physical corporate campuses or branch locations (wired or WLAN)
  • Lightweight and easy to use Cloud NAC — The platform supports local traffic handling rather than requiring hair pinning to centralized Internet-based points of presence (POPs) for all traffic types
  • Headless device support on the corporate network — Industrial control systems, healthcare MRI scanning instruments, or OT/IoT sensors can be micro-segmented and can be a part of a broader and unified Universal ZTNA strategy
  • Simple and straightforward pricing — The Airgap software is licensed per user and covers users and devices, regardless of their physical location



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Airgap Networks

Airgap Networks


Zero Trust Isolation — The Best Defense Against Ransomware Propagation.