The First Step in Operational Technology(OT) Cybersecurity

  1. Complex systems across OT asset inventory management
  2. Geographically separated among OT asset inventory management
  3. No security awareness of OT asset inventory management
  4. Lack of up-to-date security capabilities of accurate asset inventory within the product
  5. Lack of visibility into internal and external networks
  • Once the robust asset inventory assets are identified, a zone or zones should be created
  • The zone is defined as the asset sharing the exact security requirements in the same zones.
  • But, with the latest threat vectors and types of attacks, we also need to segment assets on the network.
  • Even the OT systems sharing the same VLAN should be segmented.
  • Deploy the most cost-effective and agentless micro-segmentation in your IT and OT environments
  • Reduce your flat network with granular defense in depth to meet NIST CSF and compliance audits, complete asset inventory, and gather vulnerability data
  • Preserve existing IT and network security hardware or software investment. Easy onboarding within minutes, not months
  • Leverage the industry’s first Ransomware Kill Switch for rapid incident response to reduce the Ransomware blast radius and improve vulnerability management



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Zero Trust Isolation — The Best Defense Against Ransomware Propagation.