Top 5 Ransomware Observations in 2021

Ransomware Observations 2021

Phishing — Human Factor

Around 67% of ransomware attacks involve phishing(1) and getting people to click on links sent via emails, download software, and a hundred other things that caused such attacks in the past as well. Despite money being invested in advanced security techs, the human element is far from extinction and remains to be one of the top trends in ransomware.

Data Breach Extortion & Cost of Ransomware Attacks

A large percentage of ransomware attacks move on monetary motives. According to reports, the total global cost of ransomware attacks has gone up from $11.5 billion in 2019 to $20 billion in 2020(3), and 2021 is expected to see more of the same trend. Ransom payments form a major chunk of such costs — about 10% of all ransom demands are over $5,000(4).

Ransomware in the Cloud

Excess reliance on the cloud has led to increased ransomware on it too. Earlier, the cloud was just a part of the infrastructure but today, the infrastructure is the cloud.

Stealth Methods for Ransomware Attacks

The world knows what happened with SolarWinds breach. The attackers were able to insert malware into the code through a platform that was not there in the traditional RAL. The malware sat there for numerous days/weeks and was triggered at a later date. However, this seems to be the result of a more creative approach to ransomware instead of a new sophisticated variant

Artificial Intelligence

With algorithms come machine learning and process optimization. Attackers are using AI or machine learning to build ransomware that is faster, better, cheaper, and is able to avoid detection, leading to more efficient attacks. There are robots fighting back and forth, and we as humans will be on the defensive monitoring mode.

Final Thoughts

It can be inferred from the above-mentioned top 5 ransomware trends that the complexity and quantity of ransomware attacks are going to increase in 2021.



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