Zero Trust and Remote Work: Identity-Segmented Access to Enterprise Network

Living Off Your Land attacks (LotL attacks)

The term “living off the land” refers to fileless, malware-less attacks that turn a system’s native tools against them[3]. Bad actors use legitimate programs and processes to perform malicious activities, thereby blending into a network and hiding among the legitimate processes to pull off a stealthy exploit.

The Endpoint Gap to Fill

We have a clear picture that the endpoint security of any organization will occasionally abstain from malware. We know that malware will then often look to propagate since lateral flow is a key threat. This could lead to a data breach.

Zero Trust on the Endpoint

Endpoint security products defend and collect data on endpoints’ activity, while network security products do the equivalent for networks. To effectively combat advanced threats, both require to work together. An integrated platform strategy that combines endpoint and network security is the only way to achieve holistic protection and achieve the Zero Trust model across your entire security architecture. This program must be part of everything we do to prevent wherever traffic occurs, everywhere data lives.



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